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Move completed torrents to: Problems


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Hey all,


I'm trying to figure out how I can setup auto downloads and then automatically move the files to the proper location automatically. 


I am running utorrent 3.3 and I tried checking the box to move downloaded torrents and I put in the text ares TV/ which I thought was the correct location and which I have learnt is not. So now here is my problem. since TV/ was not a valid location it did not save that entry in the move completed downloads to and left the text area blank.

So I downloaded some torrents and they got moved somewhere, I don't know where but it's somewhere as they are still seeding.

Does anyone know where the files are moved to when the move completed torrents box is left empty? 



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I'm not sure if I'm understanding you correctly, but when I right click on a download, and a window pops up, the scroll down to, open containing folder, then it goes to your downloads file, and then you can place them anywhere after that. I hoped this helped :)

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