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Hi, I am having problems with torrents after just recently moving into a new house. Have the same settings as before, previous house had a 10mb/s connection, I now have 90 mb/s. Old house, downloading was slow, and ate up some of the bandwith, you could tell when surfing etc, but the internet still worked. At my new house, cable providers are bright house, anytime I start a torrent, the internet shuts down completely. I either have to shut down the torrent, or wait for it to finish, and voila, the internet works again. Now, I understand that downloading uses bandwith, but how come with a slower speed I am able to still surf, yet now can't do anything with any size torrent running. 


I have tried limiting the bandiwth usage and number of connections in utorrent, I have never had to do this in the past throughout different houses. Still the same effect. My router is an ARRIS DG1670A. If the router is the problem I have a linksys I can set up and not use the one provided by the cable company. Any help/tips/suggestions would be much appreciated. 

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