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A very specific bittorrent issue that bottlenecks my speed - please help


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Okay ladies and gents,


here is the issue, I will give you two scenarios, please hear both out before answering.


Scenario 1:

I have a Time Warner modem, it is hardwired to my PC.

The modem is also hardwired SEPARATELY to a router.

Whenever I have bittorrent uTorrent OR Vuze on MY MAC using WiFi, my WiFi gets totally screwed up, I cannot do anything on devices using the WiFi. The speed starts off at a crawl, can take forever to pick up it never reaches maximum download speed but it does get pretty high, but all other devices are screwed.


However my PC which is hardwired to the Time Warner modem is unaffected.


Scenario 2:

PC hardwired to modem.

MAC is hardwired to modem this time.

router is hardwired to modem.

3- separate connections hardwired.


When I open bittorrent on my MAC, WiFi is fine on all devices, my Mac is no longer using WiFi. download speed still suck. But I cannot browse on my Mac anymore same in scenario 1. 


In both scenarios I always have my upload speed limited to 5kb also i have utorrent set to 100 global connections max.




I believe I need to factory reset my mac.... unless someone can tell me exactly whats going on... it clearly isn't the modem.. can't be the router because Scenario 1 & 2 pretty much rules it out. I get the same results from both uTorrent and Vuze making me think... somehow my MAC's setting is screwing up everything when I torrent.


Another thing is I will never test torrents on my PC. PC is strictly for gaming, so I never have to deal with crap.. but yet I still kind of do sadly


*update* reformatted my mac.. issue remains the same... right at this second im dl'ing a movie @ 1.0 MB/s but cannot surf the web on the mac. wifi works tho.. maybe its my isp?

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