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uTorrent Plus....cannot succesfully adjust bandwidth


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Hi.  Just upgraded to the PLUS from the FREE.  First it wouldn't install.  Had to experiment and figure on my own how to make it upgrade. (Thanks developers for NOT returning my emails/answering my questions).  So 8 hours later, I'm up and running.


The main reason for this post is because, like several others I have read, I cannot change my Bandwidth Allocation to high AT ALL.  Can occasionally go to NORMAL from LOW, but never to high. Didn't have this issue with free version.  I've tried anything and everything that had been mentioned in other posts regarding the same issue.  I've either got a problem or I'm overlooking something.  Does someone have thoughts in the right direction??


Thanks a bunch.


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3.4.2 beta 32081 build.


I understand that it only adjusts the bandwidth in the program.....and that is exactly what I would like control over (since it is an option).


Thank you DreadWingKnight for your immediate response.....it's appreciated.  :-)

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