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Scared from getting caught


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I am new here, and i dont know if i am allowed to post this.

But i am really scared, because i downloaded Skyrim from thepiratebay.

After downloading it i saw this message: Just a warning. I believe this torrent is being tracked by Zenimax. I got a DMCA complaint from my ISP about downloading this. As I said, just a warning. and that: I feel people should be aware of my situation, I got a letter from my ISP warning me that a company "Irdeto USA, Inc." had reported a copyright infringement and it has a date/ip/copyright holder name on it. The time on the piece of paper is the same time I finished downloading this torrent. Be warned, they are watching us.


What should i do know? DO i have to be scared?


Sorry for the bad english i am from germany.

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If you are worried, I would suggest deleting what you downloaded.  If contacted by a company regarding it, you could just say that you were not aware and when you got a copyright warning you deleted the files.


For what it is worth, once I figured out what it was, I quit using pirate's bay.  I really don't want to steal from anyone.  


It isn't like most artists make too much money.  I want to make sure I support the ones I like.  

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