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Using FacelessMe VPN with uTorrent


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I have a Privacy account with FacelessMe VPN, which uses MediaGet as it's torrent client.  I don't  want to give up my account  with FacelessMe but I want to make the most of a private torrent site I have just joined and MediaGet is not an approved torrent client, but uTorrent is.  Is there any way I can use uTorrent with my FacelessMe VPN account.  At the moment, Mediaget opens from a desktop icon.  I then click on the red link to get a secure connection.  I then find and click on torrents and they download in MediaGet.  I don't actually "see" FacelessMe in action.  I would like to replace the links (or whatever they are called) so I can click on my uTorrent desktop icon and then still open the secure connection with FacelessMe, and then download any torrents I find via uTorrent.  Is this possible, please.  (I am a Pensioner and not very skilled on the Internet, so don't give me a highly technical answer, please - we can't all be young wizz kids.)(This is my first post since joining the Forum.)

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