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Torrenting Via VPN


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First of all I am not asking for support for the UTorrent Client.


I wish to discuss with fellow users the use of a VPN in relation to Torrent Seeding.

I do not wish to cloud the discussion with talk about proxies, unless adding a proxy to the VPN connection is a viable solution.


I have read this and many other forums about the use of VPN's and see varied responses - mainly negative. Like this: http://forum.utorrent.com/topic/81389-no-incoming-connections/

and this: http://forum.utorrent.com/topic/83862-yellow-triangle-with-no-incoming-connections-and-the-torrent-crash/?hl=guard


I am not 100% sure I understand how the seeding process works, and the relationship with the DHT Nodes.. 


I am not a leech I have seeded over a TB of Torrents over many years, and have a positive ratio, but wish to limit my exposure presently.


I have started running a VPN, which works fine for downloading and as all my Torrent traffic travels via the VPN (I have configured my firewall to only allow UTorrent to access the VPN network) I have removed the port forwarding from my router, as that IP address is no longer involved.


But I am concerned about my lack of seeding, when I start UTorrent, the connection indicator starts blank, goes to the orange triangle/ exclamation mark, then within 30 mins, goes to the green tick for a bit as the various torrents I am seeding show a small amount of activity for a few minutes.


Then it seems to "degrade" back to the orange triangle/ exclamation mark, then occasionally ramps back up to the green tick. But the upload speed is very slow (no more than 10 kB/s). Could this traffic simply be seeding broadcasting from my end, rather than traffic to a fellow torrentor?


I have read a bit of cryptic information about DHT Nodes, and at present the indicator is showing 520 nodes, so that looks positive?


Is there anyone that can point me to a forum to discuss this further, or provide a bit of assistance explaining from experience if I can seed torrents via a VPN, and how it can be achieved. Once I understand the requirements, It may be possible to achieve this using my current, or another VPN provider.


Conversely if this is indeed 100% impossible, perhaps (meaning no offence) the Admins could put a sticky in this and the troubleshooting forum stating that (along with the reasons).


I realise this is not a UTorrent issue, but as it relates to the UTorrent client, as really a minimum connectivity requirement, I think the discussion is valid and warranted.







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