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Torrents stop working on one machine on network


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One machine on my network has stopped being able to download torrents (any torrent, any client). I have tried re installing uTorrent, restarting the computer and even switching to a different client (blasphemy, I know).

As far as I can tell this happened entirely out of the blue, and none of my other machines are effected, they can all still download fine (although, as these consist of various phones, tablets and NAS, using them to download is less than ideal).

I would love to provide some logs or something, but I am not sure what to provide. All I know is that when I try to download anything it gets stuck on "Finding peers". Additionally, in the status bar it says "DHT: Waiting to log in".

I have left it over night but it stays exactly the same. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this? Here is what I see:Capture.JPG

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