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uTorrent crashes random amount of time after adding torrents, progress disappears.


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windows 7 x64, updates are current.

utorrent 3.4.2 build 32126

isp is cox (has been for years, this problem is local to my machine and has been going on for several months)

i use chrome


i am using a vpn (privateinternetaccess.com) but only subscribed a few weeks ago, does not interfere with torrents except for some speed penalties.  bitdefender antivirus, peerblock, and spybot s&d, all of which i've been using since before the problem started.  possibly except for bitdefender but i did uninstall it and the problem persisted without it.


basically what happens is i add a torrent, about half the time utorrent will crash after several minutes, sometimes up to an hour or more later, but it seems to always do it while the torrent is still downloading.  there is no error message, i only notice it when i try to open utorrent and it's either frozen or the tray icon disappears when i mouse over it.  the thing that has me stumped is that all progress will be gone.  sometimes when i re-add the torrent it will resume and pick up where it left off, but again this seems to be random. 


i hate asking for help on this kind of stuff, partially because i fix stuff like this for a living, and partially because i'm generally not very good at it.  so please if anyone can help me figure this out i will be extremely grateful, i've been trying to troubleshoot this for nearly 3 months with no luck and i can't seem to find anyone with similar issues as far as losing download progress.


edit:  i should add that one of the main reasons i've been having difficulty diagnosing and fixing it is the randomness of the crash. i've found it impossible to make it happen on purpose and i've gotten frustrated enough that i caught myself thinking that my computer is consciously screwing with me.  hence my plea for assistance.

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I have the same issue Totally random crashes, no notice or error, it just disappears. All that remains is the tray icon, which, when I move my cursor over it, it disappears as well.


It has no bearing on what I do within the application. It could happen in minutes or within 12 hours of the app running. When it does happen, there's no mention of it whatsoever in Windows logs, and there's no crash report or error message from uT either,


I'm also running Win7 64 with current updates, but my browser is Firefox 30.0.


Only thing I can think of is to ask what Anti-Virus suite you are using.


I'm using Bitdefender Internet Security, whose firewall is apparently known to cause issues with uT, but I didn't have these issues with older versions of uT.

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ok maybe we're onto something, i'm also using bitdefender but it's the standard av package, no firewall.  i did disable it for a few days and it didn't make a difference, but that was over a month ago and there have been several updates to utorrent since then.  i also added utorrent.exe to the exceptions list.  i'm going to just disable everything in the program for a day or 2 and see if it makes a difference.

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I have the same problems, uTorrent randomly crashes when I leave it overnight. (I usually let my PC run 24/7)

This really pisses me off because I prefer uTorrent to download when I go to sleep.

This only started to happen a few months ago (I forgot what version) and since then I have been using other Client. (qBitTorrent)

I'm using Bitdefender Total Security 2014.

Is Bitdefender really the cause of this crashes?

If so,  it possible to fix this?

Because I really don't want to change my Security Software. (Paid lots of money for it) And I would really like to go back on using uTorrent.

And also, does this problem persist in uTorrent Plus? I would consider buying uTorrent Plus if it fixes this problems.


Sorry for not being more detailed because I don't really understand those advanced things.


Thank you for your response.





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OS: Win 7 x64 / Current updates

Anti-Virus: Bitdefender free


uTorrent started to crash randomly after updating to 3.4.2, after you hover the mouse over the Taskbar icon it disappears.


Dump files in AppData\Roaming\utorrent are zero KB in size for example 32239-utorrent.83ff.dmp


Any solutions yet?

How can we debug this problem further without working dumpfiles?



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Try temporarily uninstalling it instead of disabling.

sorry kitsoran, i did mention in my post that i tried this a while ago with an earlier utorrent build.  i've had it disabled for a few days now and have had no problems!  i already added utorrent.exe to the exceptions for bitdefender, does anyone know any other ways i can check to see if it's affecting utorrent?

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Try without this.

3 word replies are neither helpful nor useful.  i have said numerous times that i've already temporarily uninstalled it with no effect, but this was at least a month ago, maybe more.  since then there have been numerous updates and in the last 2 days that i've had it disabled i've had zero issues with utorrent crashing.  at the time of my last post i enabled everything except for automatic vulnerability check and anti-phishing, i will post an update in a few days.

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I also have this problem. Random crashes at the middle of night since I installed Bitdefender Internet Security 2015. Crash dump files are also zero here.


What can I do? Where do I add utorrent as exception in bitdefender Internet security?

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