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Decide where to download files


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I stopped updating utorrent at version 3.0 because from 3.1 on some of the features I needed were missing.

Yesterday it crashed and I couldn't find installation file anymore, so I downloaded and installed the latest version (3.4.2).

First af all, it did not get installed in the program files folder, but rather in the roaming folder under user\AppData dir. And I could not decide the path.

Second, it won't ask me where to download files, and even by right clicking on the download, going to "Advanced" and "Set download location" it still downloads where it decides to.

These are my settings:


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I have the same problem. I noticed it a couple of days ago. First I looked at the settings of my browser (firefox) then I looked at the settings og Utorrent but there is no specified directory. Even tried to delete the folder where it was downloading everything (My Documents). But after I deleted it, it just chose another folder (Downloads).


I uninstalled the old version of Utorrent and installed the newest one I found on their website (the free version) - utorrent version 3.4.2. Did this on 08 July 2014.


Now the problem continues and Utorrent still does not allow me to chose where to download.


If there is some setting I am missing, please let me know.



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