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occasionally added downloads disappears


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Ok, so I have been battling occasionally with this issue over multiple builds on win7 for the last few months. 


To explain the issue: occasionally when I add a magnet download, when I click ok to add it, what utorrent does is - it loses the download in the eternal void.  For instance, it doesnt show on my download log, it doesnt create a folder in the downloading directory, but yet when I try to add the file again, it insists that it is already on my list, and wants to add additional trackers.  It also allocates a number on my queue.  For instance, hypothetically, if I have two active downloads, they will be shown as numbers 10 and 11 on my queue.  1 to 9 is simply just missing.  It doesnt happen very often, but it can really be frustrating with a rare download which only has 1 torrent tracker (thing) only for the torrent tracker (thing) to be eternally lost in the void for me never to be able to add it again.


Like I said, it happens occasionally,  I currently have 10 active downloads, but the queue starts at 10 and skips the number 13 and ends at 20, so I currently have 10 active ghost downloads: 1 to 9 and 13. So the only numbers on my queue that is shown / actually downloading is 10 to 12 and 14-20.  Is there any way to solve this ghost / void problem?


Thanks :)

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