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Disable UTorrent Program Auto-start As Default Setting


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Some users prefer to use uTorrent while connected to a VPN for privacy and security.   :ph34r:
However, not all VPN users use their VPN 100% of the time or have their VPN setup to automatically connect upon startup of their PC before any other programs launch.  Whenver uTorrent updates to a newer version, please either Disable it's program Auto-Start setting by default OR preserve previous user Preference settings, including the Auto-Start setting.

That way, upon next boot-up after a uTorrent update, uTorrent does not automatically launch and immediatley start downloading thus exposing users who prefer to use a VPN to remain :ph34r: anonymous  :ph34r: before they can connect to their VPN service.  :o

Thanks! :)

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Just updated uTorrent to the latest stable release this week.  Before the update, under General Settings I had the "Start uTorrent when Windows Starts" box un-checked.  I udated uTorrent.  The box remained unchecked, however, I rest my PC and uTorrent suddently started up on its own after the update.  I reset my PC a second time and uTorrent started right up again on it's own and the "Start uTorrent when Windows Starts" box is still un-checked....  :(

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