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Speed Test Failed, trouble with downloads, never uploads


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I've used utorrent for like 6 years or so I think. I have always been satisfied, but after all this time I've run into my first big slowdown.


Up until the last week or so I was frequently getting 5 mbps on heavily seeded downloads.  Last weekend, though, I noticed suddenly that I had a huge dropoff in speed and I simply wasn't able to upload anymore. My Ookla speedtest says I'm getting 120 MBPS download and 20 MBPS upload, but it's just not true when it comes to torrenting. I'm at a loss here. I tried going back to the previous version, and that didn't help. I went through all the pages on speed optimization but couldn't ever pass the speed test.


That seems to be the red flag. I live in Taiwan (I have for a long time, this isn't a new development), so my internet speeds are awesome. I select California for my bandwidth test location and I get an error every time (but I pass the network test just fine). What is happening? Does anyone know why I would suddenly be failing that test?


Even heavily seeded downloads take ages to get more than 20 KBPS these days. It's excruciating. I really would appreciate some guidance. My ports are forwarded and my router is fine, I've made no changes to it in the past year. Thank you for reading this and I hope someone knows how to solve this problem.


EDIT: I'll add that I've uninstalled my anti-virus software and disabled Windows Firewall just in case, but to no effect. I called my ISP and asked if they were throttling my P2P connections but they insisted they weren't.

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