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New torrents stuck on "Finding peers 0.0%"


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Running uTorrent 3.4.2, build 32239 32 bit on Win7 machine.  Have 200+ torrents seeding,  Last four torrents added to download are stuck at "Finding peers 0.0%".    I seem to be uploading fine.  


On the bottom of the window, it reads "DHT: 712 nodes", "D:[figures vary in the 2 to 4 kB/s range] T:2.6MB" and "U:[figures vary up to 5.0 kB/s range] T: 2.8MB"


Use Norton 360 as security software.  


Any thoughts?  I tried the "uncheck Enable DHT Network" tip with no success.  

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Me too.  I CANNOT make Build 3.4 work.  I've been doing this a long time, many utorrent updates over many years, with no issues, and no special assistance required.  I might have a double NAT issue but I can connect.


Now, even with help from Pfconfig software showing utorrent forwarded, I CANNOT get 3.4 to connect to peers on Dimeadozen.org which is pretty much the only site I use.  


I revert to version 3.3.1, for example, no problem, it works again, as always.  This has been true with each update to Build 3.4.


I also have the problem that the start/pause buttons do not function properly in Build 3.4.


Windows Vista, McAfee, but again, so what, I have no problem with earlier builds.




Thanks for any help anyone can offer,


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