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Slow HTTP when downloading after ISP change


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previously i had VDSL 40mb down / 4 mb up. In utorrent my max speed was 4700kB/s. So i've set up limits to 3900kB/s down and 80kB/s up and i could browse internet while downloading without any noticeable slowdowns. Recently i've changed my isp, and i am now using cable internet. Now i have 60mb down / 3 mb up (though in speed test it is around 2.2). When i left settings the same i was getting around 4000-4,400 kB/s in utorrent max and sites were loading extremely slow. So i limited download to 3,400 and i could download and browse internet with ok speed but it bothered me so i tried to lower upload limit to 20 and my dl speed went up to 6,600 kb/s. The problem is that i still need to keep dl limit 3,400 cause otherwise sites start to load slowly, if i set it any higher - let's say anywhere between 3,800 - 5,500, not extremely slowly like it was before i lowered up limit first but i still need to keep dl at 3,400 to browse internet comfortably


DHT is disabled

global max number of connections: 225

max numbers od connected peers per torrent: 75

upload slots per torrent: 2

bandwidth management utp i disabled


If i download any files using browser i get speed around 6000-7000 kB/s without any slowdowns in browsing, the problem occurs when i download torrents.


My questions are:

1. can i somehow uptimize settings to improve download and upload and get good http loading speeds?

2. why can i download at max 6,600 kb/s with upload only set to 20? Shouldn't my dl speed be throttled?

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