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Created a dead download after updating to 3.4.2


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Ran into an issue after the update flow.  I had basically launched utorrent through a torrent file I had downloaded, but after the update had completed, the file I was trying to download was stuck in limbo.


Step 1 - On an older version of uTorrent, select to download a file from a website

Step 2 - Torrent file starts uTorrent and prompts user to update

Step 3 - Select yes to the update

Step 4 - uTorrent updates and restarts


After doing this, I now have a dead download on my tracker.  My first download now starts at #2 on the list.  Selecting to download the file I originally wanted now tells me that it is already in the list even though it is not visible.  Cannot cancel download because it is not on the list.  Download should have finished by now if it was really downloading, but file is no where to be seen.  I am able to shuffle the other items in the queue around it, but there is a line on my torrent list that is invisible.


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