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All my torrents have disappeared from torrent list


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All of my torrents have disappeared from utorrent list.

It looks like they are invisibel, because utorrent act like if they are there, and I can find them in the folder where they are downloaded too. And i can download new torrent like always.

I have attached a picture (screenshot) to this tread because its difficult to explain. its just weird, have been using utorrent for years with no problem og issues. 


Im using win 7, 64bit. utorrent 3.4.2 (build 32126) [32-bit]


anyone know what to do? or why this occurs?


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Hey there,


I too am having this issue, and the column reset didn't work - just to confirm, I am right clicking on "#   Name",  scrolling to the bottom and clicking on "Reset", right? 


As well, I was having an issue automatically updating uTorrent, I would agree to update, and then the program would close and not reopen. I uninstalled and reinstalled the newest version (32961), and the column reset still isn't working. 

I was originally using the 32126 version of uTorrent, 

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I am having this problem also, but with different circumstances. I installed utorrent on a new computer, then loaded some torrents and started downloading. when I close utorrent and then open again the list is empty. I am able to click on the .torrent file and it resumes where it left off, so I am not losing any data. My question is how do I prevent this from happening? I made sure I was showing all on the left pane, and checked all options I can think of, but it still happens. It's more of a nusance than anything else, because I have to search for the files and chang file view options. I keep my view options of system files hidden so the kids don't mess with anything important. Any help would be appreciated

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