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High CPU when doing nothing


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Hi all,


I've just moved (back) to Ubuntu after a couple of years running a Windows server. I've installed utserver on Ubuntu Server and not got around to set it up fully yet, so it's just running with nothing to do. It seems to be working, i.e. I can access the web console and it looks happy. However, I'm getting extended periods of extremely high CPU usage. It's running on a 4 core i7 and happily maxes out 1 core at 100% for what seems like hours at a time.


I run it as a from upstart in the usual way just providing the -settingspath and -logfile as an option. There is nothing in the logfile in the way or errors.


Has anyone else had this or know how to solve it?


Many thanks,


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I have this problem as well!  "not only doing nothing" enough to download a file or two one of my CPU goes 100%
if I do pause/resume normalized. Download for the first time a file do this 100% CPU usage.

Im using:

µTorrent Server
Product Version 3.3 | Source Revision 30470
Build Date 2014-01-14 09:10:15 -0800 | UI Revision 30470
Peer ID UT330B | User-agent uTorrent/330B(30470)(server)

Crunchbang 11 Waldorf / Jessie.


Thank you,


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