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utorrent always check files hash after each Windows restart


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It(utorrent 3.4.2 beta) always check files hash Whenever I click the Shut down button on the startmenu of Windows7  and tried to power on to make windows restart.
It really take very long and extreme long time when I have been downloading large size(much than 50 giga bytes) torrent.
and to crown it all ,This hashing task make extremely slowdown all of other tasks like browsing IE or execute any applications.
It(utorrent 3.4.2 beta) doesn't check file hash when I close utorrent by clicking exit button of dropdown menu,but I want to slove this awful hashing problem without any more clicking hassles.
Is there any workaround to slove this problem?
Any reply would be appreciated.

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uTorrent can't save its resume data. This could be caused by interference from another app or utorrent is being killed before it can finish. The latter seems more common.


Is bt.graceful_shutdown in advanced set to true?


Are you clicking force shut down in Windows? Or waiting for the PC to shutdown on its own?

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