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T-Com Speedport W 723v (B) - Port Forward


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hallo.., i've problems with the ports to the trucker...

perhaps i'm stupid, i try it in all the ways i found but the yellow sign dont go to green !


in this time i know nobody life to help me...


all this problem come after a new system building. my torrent was working a few years and now ....grrrr



i hope somebody can help me


regards  casa

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> Beasly


thx for answer


but.. my problem is= torrent vers is running / speedport= port forward=ok / firewall win7=ok


> but the yellow sign (no network configuration) is ON


3 years my system (win7) running exactly.. every day 5-6 GB seeding on utorrent! Super! - after a new system config i get everything back on software etc. but the torrent is ~~yellow.


perhaps i get older or i began to be stupid... -:))


regards  casa

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