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Is the download restarted or resumed


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I downloaded up to 4.5 Gb before i restarted (shut down and then boot up) now the percentage has gone back to beginning but it says (where the mouse on the image is pointing) downloaded 4.5gb


should i believe that it is continuing the download from 4.5 or the download has restarted


We can't help you with Copyright programs.....My suggestion is the buy the program and support those Companies so they will further invest and continue those programs.

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I made some "update" on the pic ...

ok, but still we should dissallow discussion on such matters since those are programs one can alreay buy and use. We shouldn't condone what is available and not under the MPIAA/RIAA or DODD rule to avoid any messy problems.

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I have hidden the name of the torrent to avoid problems for the user.

The solution for such problems you explained already, so in my point this is fixed.

The reason why I did this: these kind of problems you also can get with not copyright protected downloads too.

And closed.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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