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uTorrentPLUS Features I Want to Make Me Buy It (Add Ideas)


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I was looking at the differences between uTorrent and uTorrentPlus and there are no real features that make we want to buy it, so I made this thread to get ideas.


  1. Make the uTorrentPlus icons orange, to show that it's special. Same like the web site.
  2. Allow forecolor/back color customizing of labels.
  3. Allow grouping of labels into trees.
  4. Built-in BTSync folders right into uTorrent under labels, on top of feeds.
  5. Built-in BTSync browser/explorer.
  6. Register "btsync:" as a protocol, like magnet links.
  7. Scheduler for built-in BTSync to only sync at certain times as well as real-time synchronizing.
  8. BTSync link timestamps, so you could have "btsync:urn:B2OIHEEA75YNJ5V2RC25FHWSUZGXW2FKL&from_date=201407260000" that automatically downloads everything after that specific date. To allow making file subscription feeds possible (deploy magazines, video, audio, etc). Dynamic content!

What features you want to see  to make you buy it?

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