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uTorrent slow: no more than 5MByte/s


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Hello everyone! First thing I would like to point out is how amazing this program is: extremely simple to run, a very good webui both for desktop and smartphone!


However I have a problem: with Ubuntu Server 14.04 uTorrent doesn't go more than 5 or 6 Mb/s even with a lot of files (I have a 1Gbps internet connection). It is not a problem of router or firewall, it is not a problem of my system or internet connection. It must be uTorrent but I don't understand why.


I've tried to downloads the same linux distro (kali linux dvd 2.9 Gb): with uTorrent I don't go more than 5 or 6 Mb/s, with Deluge I get 20 Mb/s, with rTorrent I get 15 or 16Mb/s, and with Transmission I have around 20Mb/s.


This is how I install uTorrent in my system:


1) I download the version for Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit


2) I extract it in my home directory and rename it ".utserver"


3) I open a terminal and simply change persimission by entering "sudo chmod +x utserver"


4) I launch utserver with "./utserver"


5) I go directly to my web browser to configure it.



Did I do something wrong? Do you experience my same problem?



Thanks guys for reading and to everyone who will try to help me!

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How about bandwidth?


BTW I noticed your first post is almost certainly conflating the different units of measurement. b = bits, B = bytes, 1 Gbps = 125MB/s | Bandwidth on speed tests and when talking about link speeds is typically in bits while torrent clients and web browsers typically display in bytes.

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