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"The torrent your are trying to load is already in the list of torrents" (It's not)


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Yesterday I was trying to download a file when I was prompted to update my uTorrent client.  


Using a torrent website, I clicked on the link and this opened my uTorrent client.  I was greeted with the message asking me to update the client, which I did.  After the update, my uTorrent client opened up and the were no torrents in the list (Not that I was really expecting any, other than perhaps the one file I had been about to download prior to updating but I hadn't clicked 'okay' or whatever).


Going back to the torrent site, I tried to download the same file again only to receive the message: "The torrent your are trying to load is already in the list of torrents.  Do you want to load the trackers from it?".  It seems like I now cannot download this file?  It's not in the list, it's not downloading and seemingly I cannot add it to the list.


Any ideas?  Thanks!



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Since the new update, I am seriously not finding this "Label" tab. These are the only places I can find them:


In the preferences, there is a "Label" tab. In it, there is a drop-down list with only one choice: hidden. Selecting it does nothing.




In the active torrents lists where different details about the torrent may be listed (#, name, size, label etc).


Please help me find these hidden labels?

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I have the same problem, but i can find the torrentz under "hidden". But they wont load?


since of yesterday ive always used magnet links, and when i clicked magnet-links, a window opened in utorrent that had options to choose location of the downloaded file and etc.. This window does not appear anymore. Just as soon as i click the magnet it just says: 

The torrent your are trying to load is already in the list of torrents


It is indeed in the list, but under hidden and doesnt load. I have been looking around for a soloution and problems like this, but doesnt seem to find any,, Anyone knows what it might be? My brother used the comp and disabled some of the windows-features, is there any feature that needs to work correctly for utorrent to work?

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i don't know why these things are so complicated.... why did my torrent go to "hidden"... ?

how do we know what is really going on in all these different settings --- we don't - mostly we do what works and when it breaks we try the forums.

this topic helped me but i can understand why newbies get stumped, unless one spends say a minimum of several hours on each program we use, and each process we undertake on the fancy computer machines, we mostly just guess, and blunder thru, and reinstall programs and operating systems.... as Douglas Adams said (and still applies 10-20 years later) "the technology of computers is not right yet because we still have to know how it works to use it - we don't need to know how a chair works we just use it..." (i'm paraphrasing there but you get the idea)

so what i did with the torrent i found mysteriously in a place called labels and under a listing of hidden.... was to just delete it and go back and grab the torrent again.

it now is downloading... good luck

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