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DL'ing to Network Drive saturates Network + reduces DL Speed to <10KBps while pre-allocating, then returns to regular function

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Greetings All,


I'd like to request the collective knowledge on here for assistance on this issue I'm not having success in solving.


I have an Ext HDD connected to a WDTV Gen4, which has been shared on the network (WiFi N) as a network drive with full access. I have mapped this network drive to my PC. It functions normally as would be expected of a network drive, with speed limited only by the network, but having no problems at all accessing data with regular use. I can easily watch FullHD media (bitrate 10-20Mbit+) I have stored on the Ext HDD, on my PC, over wifi.


The issue I am having is when I try to download a large torrent, with the save location set as the Network Drive.


When the torrent starts, the network usage saturates and the download speed of the torrent does not rise much above a few KB/s. Please see image for network usage screenshot >> post-375097-0-50250400-1406444760_thumb.


What I assume is occurring is that uTorrent is sending the full size equivalent of the data over the wifi to the Ext HDD (pre-allocating to the ext hdd?), maxing out the wifi and therefore not leaving bandwidth for the actual download to occur. This continues till what I assume is the pre-allocation to have occured, then the network usage comes down and the download progresses as per normal.


I understand that the default setting of uTorrent is to NOT pre-allocate anyway, so I am unsure why this phenomenon is occurring.

What I imagine to occur is for this pre-allocation of sorts to saturate the wifi for ~3 hours for a 30GB torrent before actual downloading occurs.



Is it possible for uTorrent to download the torrent and only send across data over the wifi for saving to the network drive as the data is recieved, not the whole torrent prior to downloading? My internet connection saturates at approx 1.2-1.3 MB/s, which id estimate is 25-33% of my wifi capability so this would be appropriate.


Otherwise there is an unnessicary additon of significant time to downloads.


Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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