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torrent doesn't run exactly


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     Hello .. I'm here joined this forum because I am looking for a solution or help.
     I hope that there are some pc freaks are at least one that can REALLY help ...

utorrent not answer the race

     ... the router (port speed w 723V, B) has the port xxxx has entered the utorrent given me


now my problem exactly:
     the speed test in the torrent = ERROR
     in the firewall I have the regular TCP and UDP also the port again is also registered under incoming.
     --- No chance ---
     while still in the torrent speedtest = ERROR

     before I had to reconfigure the torrent - pc ran flawlessly always was a green icon (below)
     now only a yellow.

     looking for me for several days the sore finger ... but without success.
     already in other forums (including torrent-forum) sought or written = without success-no one seems to care for!

     would be glad if someone here in this forum help me specifically-would-could?

     sorry if I just write everything to you .. but perhaps  someone can give me help or sooo :wacko:

     regards  casa

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