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RSS Downloader - UI Buggy when adding manually


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I find the RSS Downloader to have a very buggy UI when I try to add items manually.




  • Add an RSS Feed for HD TV Shows
  • Press Ctrl+R to open RSS downloader
  • Click 'Add' - filter 'New Filter' created
  • Maually enter search criteria
  • Click 'Close'
  • Press Ctrl+R to open it again
  • Search criteria are gone!


  • Create new filter
  • Close
  • Re-open
  • Edit search criteria
  • Close

Additional problems:

  • Not intuitive to name your new search critiera. I had to click on the name, then press F2. A better approach would be to let the user name the new criteria when they add it -- a popup input box, for example?

I just downloaded the latest version and it's the same. It seems to me this UI hasn't been tended to for a LONG time.




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