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Unable to load "(program)": torrent is not valid bencoding!


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I just downloaded uTorrent for the first time last night, following tutorials on the proper way to use it. It seems something went very, very wrong.


After downloading, almost all of the current programs on my computer's avatar images turned into the uTorrent image. Not only does it now give me the error message "Unable to load (program): torrent is not valid bencoding!" for the torrents I try to download, it now says it for all my programs uTorrent has seemed to take over!


It's taken over Firefox, most of my games, Skype, and just ridiculous things.


I've tried uninstalling uTorrent, but my computer doesn't even react even when I go under the uninstall a program application in the control panel.


Hell, I can't even backup or restore my computer at this point because uTorrent is preventing it from even running!


Someone please help..

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