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Rating comments get cut off after submitting, the textbox should have a set maximum input length to prevent such frustration


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The often ignored textbox used for submitting comments along with our rating currently has a maximum input length of 30000 characters, but only strings of length 128 seem to be supported by the comment system. This raises a UX issue:


Today I unwittingly typed a rather lengthy essay, several paragraphs long in fact, into said comment box, but to my disappointment all I got back was the first one and a half sentences of it. This is obviously highly inconvenient, most of my work is lost now as the undo functionality of said box is rather limited. The undo buffer is unfortunately cleared for some reason after submitting each comment.

I am not retyping it all and then splitting it into dozens of parts, each 128 characters long. No thank you.


It is logical that the maximum input length of said textbox should be set to 128 characters, to avoid idiots like me typing thousands of characters into it. Who came up with a limit of 30000 anyway?


Please fix.


I have two pictures for you.


My essay-length comment, in all its cut off glory:




Also, I believe it would be nice if it said "1 Comment" above, not "1 Comments".


The second review submitted is a test string I designed to make determining the max length easier:


What was actually displayed:


126+2=128 characters only:





Daniel "3ICE" Berezvai


p.s.: Yes, that is a dead torrent with 0 seeds (Nobody is able to connect to the displayed 1 fake seeder) and 100+ unfortunate peers all stuck at 30%. I'm trying to revive it by getting mine to 100% manually and then seeding it until enough peers can become full seeds themselves. Already got it up from 30.4% to 31%.

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