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Having problems with my upload speed


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Hi there,


I'm new at this forum. The reason i signed up to this forum is that im having problems with my upload speed with Utorrent. Its not just a problem but major problem. As far as it goes my download speed is good, not having problems with that.


Im running my Utorrent on a Macbook pro that is running Mavericks. My version of Utorrent is 1.8.4 (29971). Below i have attached a screenshot i took from utorrent where you can see that my download speed average is good, but my upload is not good. On speedtest i get decent results for both my download and upload speed. I have made a screenshot from the results of the speedtest. 


Could you all help on this rather annoying probleem with my upload speed im having? 


Thx in advance!!


Update: I see that i posted this on the wrong topic, it needs to go to mac!!!





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