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Smart episode filter not working all of a sudden


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Hi all,


I am utilizing RSS feeds with the smart episode filter in order to auto-download new episodes of shows as they are released. I am facing a very strange issue now that just started 2 days ago where uTorrent seems to be screwing up the episode downloads and is downloading 2 of the same episodes for several shows. 


Attached is what my RSS feed setup looks like for one of the shows it download 2 different torrents for the same episode.


I've checked the "format" and "episode" columns for these 2 shows and they are exactly the same. 2x02 and HDTV. I've tried clearing all download history and resetting the feed itself, but it still does the same thing - downloads 2 copies of exactly the same episode.


What gives? What has changed that would cause utorrent to no longer be doing "smart episode" filtering?




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