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Connection crashes once download speed rises


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Ive been having a problem recently in which when i run utorrent(3.2.1) and my download reaches top speed my connection crashes, speed drops and connection etiher resets after 5-10 mins or i have to reboot router.


This only happens with utorrent running, i've tried downloading test files at full speed and nothng crashes


My top spedd connection is 12Mb so i set utorent to 800m/b to see if that  helps but as soon as hits 800 the connection cuts.


My isp has dropped my speed for now as they said maybe it was too fast for my ,ine to handle, i can accept that if it happens on all downloads but its only with utorrent.


Ive tried latest builds and newer but no luck.


I dont want to switch clients as i like utorrent and cant believe its nothing that cabt be sorted.


Im not sure which info u need from me but please ask and i will happily add screensots or info required.


Many thanks

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