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downloading with VPN


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Hi -


I have utorrent and use BTGUARD. I have downloaded the checkmytorrentip torrent in order to see if it is working. My question is; with the preset settings, if my normal torrents start downloading before my 'checkmytorrentip' has updated with my new ip, is the torrent downloading via my actual ip address? or with the btguard preset settings, are torrents only able to start downloading once connected through my VPN? obviously I am ignorant to all things torrentish. I thank anyone that will offer insight in advance.




- Me

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well I downloaded the utorrent with the btguard presets. I ask because I just notice that my regular torrents start downloading some times before the 'checkmytorrentip' torrent finishes being updated and supplies a 'success' notice along with the new ip.





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