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no upload speed ? (3.3.1)


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trying to seed these torrents for a site that requires a ratio but nothings happening....(infact 2 of the 4 are errors)



port: 62155
UPnP port mapping enabled
NAT PMP port mapping enabled
randomize port disabled
firewall exception  enabled

max upload rate = 670
no alternate
max download rate = unlimited

unchecked, rate limit to transport overhead
checked, rate limit to uTP connection
unchecked, stop transfers in user interaction

global max connection = 1890
max peers per torrent = 2329
upload slots per torrent = 4
checked, additional upload slots for <90% speed

all checked besides "limit local peer bandwidth"

outgoing encryption = enabled
checked, allow incoming connection

max active torrents = 9
max downloads = 8

minimum ratio = 150%
minimum seed time = 500 minutes
minimum seeds = 3
unchecked, seeding tasks priority
unchecked, limit upload rate

(only listing changes from the default)

bt.allow_same_ip = *true
bt.no_connect_to_services = *false
bt.send_have_to_seed = *false
gui.show_notorrents_node = *false
ipfilter.enable = *false
net.max_halfopen = *66
peer.disconnect_inactive_interval = *900
queue.dont_count_slow_dl = *false
queue.dont_count_slow_ul = *false


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