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Final nail in the Coffin for 3.4.X (Downgrading to 3.3.2)


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well utorrent skips some build numbers
what i want a a normal toolbar and something done about this issue:
i know version 3.3.2 is unsupported but when I do find a problem I do/will check it with the lastest supported version
and since I never had problems with any utorrent build I see no incentive to upgrade and deal with it.
Speed is not an issue and all of my utorrent versions on any pc have given the same speed more or less

I am simply using the last build that has none of the things i consider as problems.
just a few weeks ago the very same uT build of 3.4 had a normal sidebar
same problem with 3.4.2 32717
side note utorrent now seems to forget my column layouts (even on beta)

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