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Couples bugs - silent crashing, 0%, no stream button


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So, yeah. lately, utorrent has been getting buggier, and buggier... and well... shittier. 

If i'm not torrenting for a while, and i go to add new torrents on ( usually via magnet urls ), it runs for a bit, then when i'm not looking it closes and all of the torrents that were recently added are GONE. It sometimes get's stuck at the meta data part, and then i have to close it, but other times it starts to torrent. 

very annoying. 

2nd, it does randomly get the 0% bug every now and then, random times. 

and, yeah... the stream button has been invisible since like forever lol. 

plenty of others, but these are just the ones that i can remember off the top of my head. 


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