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Port forward but no movement in utorrent


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Hello there ,

I asked maybe at the wrong section but I just setup my sister's computer remotely .

LAN connected and her router is TP LINK .

I enter the Router menu with directions from www.portfoward .com

and made a enter for the utorrent port. However I think I entered everything correctly

TCP protocol , port 58000 -- 59000

And at IP address I enter the one I see in IPCONFIG in cmd. which was

I am not entirely sure about this part. Also have a gateway IP , not sure it's because of that.

All popular download and not moving .

I had no trouble with this computer when it was in my room and downloaded via WiFi , now

the computer is in a different location , and can't get it to work ,

Please assist any way you can <



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Ok, I'm not an expert but I'll try to help you out while I'm waiting for someone to help me :)


Let's start with checking whether your connection is ok as it is now.

Go to uTorrent and click on a tiny "network" icon in the bottom right corner of its window, right above tray (clock). It will open initial transfer configuration. Run it for the port specified in preferences of the app (it's already there) and if everything turns out ok, you're good. If not...


First of all, make sure that you are using a fixed port for uTorrent so go to preferences and type in, let's say 58666. Or just hit "random" and the app will decide. There are just a few ports that should not be used for that. The range you are using is ok but let's make use of just one port. uTorrent doesnt need more of them. Make sure that uTorrent is not set to use a random port every time the app is restarted.


Now you need to forward this port to your PC.

Before we will be able to do that, you must make sure that your pc ALWAYS HAS THE SAME INTERNAL IP. DHCP usually assigns internal ip without keeping track of it so if you have more computers and other devices in your network and they connect and disconnect from time to time, it will get jumbled up. I've learnt it the hard way myself when everything got forwarded to my tablet... Anyhow, you'll need to assign an unchanging internal ip address to mac address of your pc. Consult routers manual for directions on how to do that. It's usually almost intuitive if you are not afraid of router's interface and technical lingo.


Now, when your pc has static internal ip, forward 58666 to that ip. Make sure to forward both tcp and upd connections. You already have experience with it so there should be no problems.


Restart your router if it didn't do it by itself when you saved new settings and logged off.


Start uTorrent and go again to the network testing thingie. If your connection is not blocked by software, everything should be a-ok. If your software is blocking uTorrent, stop using apps you cannot tame :P

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Hello , thank you so much for helping

I just checked remotely on her computer and there is no green icon in the utorrent tray , there is no icon at all .
I ran the test and the result were fail each time.

Also I check the internal IP address , appears to be a Dynamic one .

What to do now , can utorrent work with Dynamic IP address ??

Thank you so much

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