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My torrent does not update trackers


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this is not a uTorrent specific problem (methinks) but it happens inside of uTorrent so here I am.




As you can see on the attached screencap (taken ~12 hours after the torrent got published on Demonoid), trackers included in my torrent do not update. Disregard inferno because that one is prone to causing problems and just being offline, but the other 3 are public ones  and should cause no such issues. When people download the torrent file, they cannot see me and therefore cannot download from me. When they use magnet link, dht and peer exchange forwards them to me and upload works, though it's definitely an extremely uncomfortable situation.


Do you have any ideas why my torrent doesn't want to work with trackers? I have absolutely no issues with downloading torrents from any sources, my uTorrent port set in preferences is forwarded to my local ip (both tcp and udp), and my firewall (comodo) should not be interfering with it in any way. I've created like two dozens of torrents using older version of uTorrent and never had any problems with them, though my last torrent before this one was created like 2 years ago.


I can post the torrent file if you want / I'm allowed to do it here.

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Version 3.4.2 (build 32126)

The thing is that I have no issues with torrents I ownload. The problem occurs only when I create a torrent myself.


I also tried creating torrents in downloaded only for this purpose BitTorrent but the problem was exactly the same.


According to setup guide, my connection is not obfuscated in any way and my ISP is not know to be employing any anti-torrent measures.

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I though this is the latest one. The app doesn't report updates to be available.

But ok, let's try a different build. 



v 3.4.2 build 32744 - nothing has changed.

looking for an older build now



v 2.2.1 build 25302 - nothing has changed

looking for other solutions :)

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