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Won't upload


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So this issue has been happening for a while now & when I posted on TPB, no one seemed to know what the issue is.


Out of the many shows I have in the software, maybe only 3-4 are showing an upload speed, the rest have nothing under that column. Right now none are uploading & it's taking forever for me to seed & hit my ratio.


Is there a setting I need to adjust?


I don't want it to take all of my upload speed of course, but I'm seeing nothing moving.





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If I wanted to read the HELP file I would have done so already & then I wouldn't be here asking for help.


I'm not that technically sound.


Thanks for no one's help. What a lovely community - NOT!


Hey stupidspirit there are tons of configurations.  The whole world is not made to your order.  Not everyone is here to rush to your aid, especially when doing so is obviously a useless exercise.


You have to be kidding.  What an insolent little turd. I'm sorry your mommie told you you're her gift to the world and you believed her.  I'm glad you're aware you're not "technically sound".  Hey stupidspirit you're not mentally sound either.


Here's my help. After you kick your own sorry ass, get on your VoIP's forum and learn how to configure your router so their service has priority.


IDC if a mod boots me over my comments to an ingrate loser such as yourself.  Though, I hope the forum at large has the balls to boot your sorry, pedantic self off the Internet.


[seriously.  My first post on this forum and it's wasted on letting such an ungrateful little pile of obama know it's a little pile of obama.]

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You are only proving my point darling. You are someone so full of anger, you felt the need to register just to call me names. I have tons of names I could call you, but I won't.


Keep it up, you aren't hurting me in the least, you are just showing your true colors.


LMAO!!! You are completely delusional.


You ask for help.  Someone tries to help you.  You gripe and complain then state the entire forum is the issue and is not helpful.


You are one sick in the head person.  I'm happy I'm the one who got to tell you. :)

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