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Disk Overloaded - Gigabit connection


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Hi guys . 


I kept searching the web to no avail so i created an account here to ask :


I have a Gigabit line ( 1000 Mbps ) Internet connection.

The PC is :


16Gb RAM

Disks are sepparated like this 

2x WD raptor ( 10K rpm ) 16k Stripe for the os

2x Seagate Constellation 500GB - 32K Stripe for torrents.


I get disk overloaded when starting a bigger ( > 10 Gb torrent ), after ~1 min ( allocation is completed ) speed goes up to 60-70Mb/sec and holds for another 2-3 min. The cache is then filled, disk overloaded appears, torrent goes to 20-30k/sec.. I have set pre-allocation - off


I even tried this : 5x 72gb IBM SAS 10k Rpm disks in 1 stripe on a  LSI Megaraid Pciex8 adapter with 512Mb Cache. SAME PROBLEM.. ( This setup has a small-file 4k sustained write of 275mb/sec ( 20gb of files ))


i tried all cache settings ( now on default settings )


Got any ideas ?


Thank you.



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So i found a way that "works" : 


Set DL limit to 15Mb/sec. This will cause the freeze but it will be only for a short time ( i guess until all files are "initialized" on disk ). This is also dependent on the size i want to download. 


Nasty behavior : when disk freeze happens, everything freezes. Os, even chrome ( has nothing to do with the torrent disk / internet usage ). Task manager says : disk C usage 1%, disk D ( torrent ) 100%, CPU 10-12%, and ram ~12GB free. 

As a solution ( not really ): change priority to lowest possible on utorrent. This will not stop this behaviour, but will make it less visible.


Are there any kind of fixes for this ? or i`ll just have to live with it ?



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Ok guys .. found a solution ( might be only for me, i`ll post it anyway )


Windows 10 Preview. Same utorrent as above, same disks. 25-30Mbps sustained, no disk overloaded ( 56Gb torrent ). Disk usage spikes every second to 100% ( for the torrent drive ), but no slowdown for the system, browsing and even gaming works perfectly :D

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@ rafi - multi-file torrents are slower in the beginning. they go at around 10-12mb/s for a few minutes ( guess it`s the allocation, although in task manager they are at 30-40% usage ). 

The torrent "disk" is a stripe ( 2x 250gb HP WestenDigital RE ). They can write with ~150mb/s. 


Now if you mean a lot of small files ( example 1gb / 2500 files ) yes that will go slower. But for 15gb / 120 rar files, no difference vs 1 file.

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Hmm.. I wonder if Win 10 has some secret ingredient that makes it faster... By multi-files  I meant even a few 5-6 files, which makes the write access - unaligned (no 16k piece boundary), thus - much slower. I get only 12-14MB/s for a multi-files torrent, while I can reach even 40MB/s (on my local LAN) with a single file torrent...

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