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Lost path and need to cancel Force Re-Check


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I recently lost the path to all my files. One day uTorrent had a red "stop" sign with an exclamation point next to all torrents, even though the path was valid and they files were there. The only trigger I can think of, it that uTorrent may have been started without the data drive mounted, but that shouldn't have made this happen? Anyway, I then highlighted all torrents and chose Force Re-Check. It started to go through my torrents one by one, but after a few hours it stopped on one torrent half-way through. I stopped that torrent and rebooted my Mac Pro. uTorrent now continued re-checking down the list (I have 2000 torrents), and the same thing happened again after a few hours.


My problem is that I'm traveling for 6 weeks and I'm accessing my home Mac with uTorrent remotely. But after I re-start the Mac, it won't come back up again because something cancels the re-start etc. So I've had to send someone to my house to make a hard re-boot, twice. But I can't do that anymore. Now I don't dare open uTorrent again, because it will automatically continue with the Force Re-Check and eventually stop/freeze again.


Is there anyway I can cancel the Force Re-Check so that it doesn't resume when I open uTorrent?


Does anyone know why this happened? Was it correct to choose a  Force Re-Check of all the files? It seems excessive to have uTorrent go through the files one by one just to fix the path.


Also, the un-checked torrents now have a gray dot next to them and the checked ones a gray arrow. Is this normal? Will the gray arrows turn green and start seeding once the Force Re-Check is done?

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