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I Signed up on this fourm since i could not find a solution to the issue im having, 


so here is what happened, i sometimes have to use a vpn connection from the free vpn provider VPNBook and it does not support P2P connections.... so after i disconnected the VPN my torrents were still stuck at connecting to peers note that they were working perfectly before connecting to the VPN... So the vpn blocked the connection and i thought after disconnecting to the vpn and removing the VPN connection the torrents would start but they didn't.. 


the trackers status are all on ( connection timed out)... 



- i'm facing the same problem on two laptops both win7

- i downloaded multiple torrent files from different sites, still the same. 

- i tried disabling my network drivers + re-installing Bittorrent & utorrent 

- On Setup guide both the connection and port are working well

- Im going INSANE :( 




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Try disabling and re-enabling DHT.  If your DHT is still waiting then you will not get any incoming connections.  Otherwise, make sure you do not have a proxy service setup within utorrent as this may be restricting your icnoming connections.  You may need to completely remove utorrent as it may be saving previous settings. Or, your port forwarding is not working and not setup correctly on your router.  Sometime the VPN software adds entry tables in your router thay you may need to change.

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