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Use of Socks5 proxy

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The socks5 proxy appears to be broken on uTorrent for MAC. However, I found a workaround.


The nature of the problem is the peer communications work fine. The problem is that uTorrrent cannot connect to trackers and information about peers.


I use PrivateInternetAccess as a socks5 proxy. This comes with a VPN capability.

0) Configure uTorrent with the sock5 proxy information.

1) Stop your transfers.

2) Disable the socks5 proxy in uT.

3) Start a full VPN connection.

4) Start your transfers in uT.

5) Wait for peer information to appear for all of your torrents in uT.

6) Stop your transfers in uT.

7) Enable the Socks5 proxy in uT.

8) Start your transfers in uT.


When you add new torrents, repeat steps 1-8.


This procedure uses VPN temporarily to access the tracker(s) privately. Once peer information is retrieved, you can stop the VPN for other traffic and use socks5 to finish the download/seeding. This works for downloading, but gives you only minimal uploading abilities.


I have used uTorrent for years, but have found that Vuze does not have this bug and I am using it for now.

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