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Large torrent turns uTorrent into the best virus I've ever seen.


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I'm using uTorrent 3.4.2 with default settings from a fresh install, on Windows 8.1 x86 Pro.


I have a fairly large torrent file (~38 GB, 15 files), which when added to uTorrent causes the following to happen:

1. uTorrent goes unresponsive

2. memory usage starts climbing uncontrolably, walking all over my whole RAM and pagefile

3. If i try to kill the uTorrent process, it becomes fucking immune to anything (both task manager and taskkill.exe keep saying access is denied when trying to kill it).

4. Eventually, my computer locks up due to no RAM and I'm forced to restart it.


The torrent file is from a private tracker, so I will provide it through private means if necessary.


I'm only filing this bug report because I've been using uTorrent for as long as I can remember and I don't like the idea of abandoning it. However I will be uninstalling and not looking back, at the very least until this bug is fixed.

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Which indicates to me the problem lies in the windows cache subsystem and not actually uTorrent.

Windows is definitely part of the problem, however the behaviour that triggers the problem certainly isn't caused by Windows. Otherwise, all torrents and clients would be suffering from it, not just uTorrent.

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This is still a MAJOR issue.  I just tried to add a 14Gig compilation of a recently deceased actor's movies and after starting the download, my system froze.  I've tried this torrent with and without pre-allocating the files but the result is always the same.  I was able to stop uTorrent with Task Manager, but it took upwards of 3 minutes for Windows to regain control of the runaway disk and memory usage.  Fortunately most of my downloads are less than 500 Mb.  I don't know what the upper size limit is for a file to trigger this problem, but personally I feel this one needs to go to the top of the list.  Every time I pick something to download, there's the fear in the back of my mind that this will be the one to seize my system again.  Once the app has been killed with Task Manager, it's safe to restart again.  uTorrent will go through and check the download, but it doesn't take control of all disk and memory usage while doing so.  Once the D/L has been checked, it will finish the download normally.

If this is in fact being caused by the Windows Cache Subsystem, this is the way Windows is being shipped now -- this computer has all factory settings and is less than 1 month old.  I'm not willing to screw around with computer settings to get the app to run on a brand new system with the factory default setup.

    I'm using uTorrent 3.4.2 Beta (Build 34418) on Win 8.1.

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