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Very odd behaviour of uTorrent?


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Hello guys. I recently got myself a new internet plan and ever since I've had some problems with uTorrent. I've tried to tweak the settings but can't seem to get it work properly. Let me start by listing the problems


1. Perhaps the most annoying problem is that whenever I start downloading a torrent or after downloading it and being a seeder, all other internet connection is lost, internet pages aren't loading, it's not connecting to internet games, nothing works except the torrent. No matter what the download/upload speeds are, everything else stops working right when there is even 0.1kb/s of down/up speed going on until I stop/delete the torrent. It seems the problem is only when using uTorrent, for example if I download something over the internet or update games from Steam, everything keeps working. But when I'm downloading a torrent or updating World of Tanks (which uses torrent when people download the update) the internet stops working until the download is complete and torrent stopped. This started when I changed the plan, I didn't have this problem before and I hadn't tweaked any settings.


2. Second problem is the download speed. The usual download speed I get is 500-1000 kB/s no matter how many seeds/peers there are. I have a 100M cable internet and I'm expecting it to be a little higher, sometimes it goes up to 9 MB/s but most of the times it's slower than 1 MB/s. I got better speeds with my old 24M ADSL connection from the same ISP. When I check the speed with speedtest I get around 80-90Mbps down and 5Mbps up speed. 


3. Third problem which I guess has something to do with the download speed is that peers aren't connecting to me. I mean, it goes past the "connecting to the peers" text and starts downloading but the peers show 0. For example a torrent has 9308 seeds and 3862 peers, I might get about 20 seeders but the peers stays at 0, sometimes it quickly goes to 1 or 2 but then goes back to 0. What is causing this? I think the more peers and seeds the better speed.


4. Finally the icon at the bottom right corner which should be green circle is most of the times an orange triangle that says "no incoming connections" but after a long time it turns green.


What could I do to fix these problems? As said before, I had 24M ADSL internet and everything worked fine, internet was working, I had a steady good speed with all torrents. Then I just recently changed to 100M cable internet and nothing works anymore even though no settings weren't changed. I also resetted the settings back to how they are without any tweaking.


Could the problem be I haven't port forwarded anything ever? Should I try that? Why would that fix this as I never had these problems before?

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