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OS X Yosemite Interface


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So as some of you know, Apple is releasing their next OS X in the fall named Yosemite. Of course the big deal with OS X Yosemite is the revamped user interface that matches up with iOS 7/8.

(If you personally don't like the new design of Yosemite, please don't comment. Keep the comment section relevant or bring some of your own Yosemite design ideas.)

uTorrent does not need a full new interface since the buttons and window color fits with Yosemite from before. But it would be great to bring in the new translucent sidebar OS X Yosemite features. This would also need new sidebar icons for sure but it would a great new addition.

Some other things it would need is new download bars, new dock icon information bars, new tab look and last of all new preferences icons.

But at the same time, let people who does not like the Yosemite look, not update and keep the old look. To not create big arguments on the internet.

I personally love the new look of Yosemite and if uTorrent won't give it an design overhaul, I am fine with it of course.

I have attached how uTorrent currently looks on OS X Yosemite. Note: I'm running the OS X Yosemite Public Beta.


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