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What is this? uTorrent trying to save file


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This window pops up everytime I open, close or click anything anywhere in uTorrent.

It's in Swedish, it asks if I want to open or save this file "blank.htm"


This started to happen a couple of days ago.

After that, my system has become very unresponsive and hangs alot, even though its a fresh install.


Ill attach a screenie of the window in question.


Is this a virus or what?





My PC Spec:

HP Probook 6560b

Intel Core I5 2.30GHz

4GB Ram

Intel Graphics 3000



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I am having this problem too. I have uTorrent 3.4.2 (build 32239) [32-bit] installed on windows embedded 7 standard. It does not do this to me on a regular windows installation. I need to stop this webpage from openeing its ruining my HTPC. All ad/offer/sponser settings in advanced are disabled and it still pops on start up

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