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On JobCorps School internet and cant download torrents unless i am on my mobile data


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Hello, I am trying to use the school internet here to download some torrents but the only way currently I have been able to do that is using my mobile data on att. I have unlimited data (cause I am grandfathered in) but I only get about 50KBps and that is not fast enough to download files that are 2GB+ in a reasonable amount of time. (About a GB every 5HR) I have been trying to download some operating systems for other peoples computers and just some basic software and it takes forever. But any way back to the using the school internet. I know that the only ports open are port 80 and 443 (go figure basic ports for HTTP and HTTPS) and I have tried starting it on my phone internet and then connecting to the internet through Ethernet connection ( that is the only way to connect to the local network) and It will not work, I am allowed on the network cause I am using a MAC Address of one of the computers that are disabled and not working. I can do everything the other school computers can do on the network. I have tried port forwarding to 80 and 443 and nothing happens. It will not find other seeders to get data from. I have tried to run through proxy but it doesn't work. And I have tried running through a VPN on OverPlay but the network will not allow me to. Is there something I have over looked in the settings? My guess is that what is going on is the network is designed to stop all P2P traffic. If that is the case then how do I work around that? Also I heard of a service just recently called " Torrent Relay " and every time I thought I found a link, it was dead. So I guess that doesn't exist. Is there a service out there like that for free to use? Any assistance will help greatly. And with how long I have spent working with computers I always know that one thing is true, if there is a will there is a way. I know some how something is possible but I just cant figure it out. I wouldn't have come here if I didn't do all the research up to this point. I really need this to work. A lot of people are depending on me. Thanks for any assistance. Email me directly at donavinschlosser@live.com if you have a solution or need a more real time communication for this. Thanks.

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