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uTorrent Mac 1.8.5 Beta


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After a long period of silence, we are happy to announce that the uTorrent Mac updates have resumed!


The latest beta version of uTorrent Mac comes with crash fixes, as well as a fix to the installer. We've also integrated Bundles into the client to match our PC offering.  You may also notice some features from previous releases have been removed.  Some of these features will be rebuilt and return in future releases, while some were permanently removed due to their age and/or obsolescence.



Download the Mac Beta 1.8.5 here.







- installer fix
- bundles integration
- crash fixes


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Sorry for the confusion.  The version number is deliberately less than 1.91. This was intentional.  You'll notice that some of the 1.91 features were removed in 1.85 Beta. Some of these may return, and you will likely see the version numbers climb to, and supersede 1.91 in the coming months.

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Hey guys,


I'm appreciative for the work you put in uTorrent for mac but I've got one tiny remark to make though.

I was expecting that this version would fix the infamous 'Only move from the default download directory' disappearing checkmark but that's not the case.

So I know that uTorrent stores its settings in a binary file (settings.dat) and my question is this: is there a way to patch that file so that the check box stays always checked?

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