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Two internet connections


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Hi, I have two internet connections and the vuze program could tell you to use one connection to download. 

Something like that. 

Connect one 6mb: web applications, skype etc. 

Connect two 12mb: vuze downloads. 


You can do this with utorrent? 

From already thank you.

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Only these options to use? 

net.bind_ip & net.outgoing_ip 

Indicating the IP I want to use does not work. 

When you boot Windows, always uses the other connection. 

If I turn off utorrent and I flip on, sometimes if you use the ip I want :(

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You either need to use the adapters or the LAN's  gateway IP that is connected to the internet connection that you want to use, that will send it out that way instead of falling to the other NIC which has a default gateway.

I hope you did set the protocols up manually and that you only have one default gateway setup on your PC (the NIC that you use for default traffic).

Also make sure that you got DNS server addresses added.


If your in doubt open CMD and run the "route PRINT" and "ipconfig /all" command, should make it easy for you to figure what your doing wrong.

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